AP Top 25 Schedule

I got an email from a visitor asking for the AP Top 25 schedule, so I pulled some levers and pushed some buttons and now you can.

You can use these links to subscribe to the AP Top 25 calendar, which will include all games for the week in which at least one of the teams is in the current AP Top 25.

Mac / iOS / iCal / iPhone / iPad
PC / Google Calendar / Android

9 thoughts on “AP Top 25 Schedule

  1. Is there any way you can update your AP Top 25 calendar such that it allows anyone to see all event details when it is included (via URL) in a Google calendar?

    When I add your URL ( http://collegefootballcalendar.net/cal/poll/1 ) to Google Calendar and add the Calendar widget to my Google site, it shows up empty (due to access restriction). Under the Google Calendar -> Settings it is defined as:

    Anyone can: See nothing
    You can: See all event details

    The NFL calendar that I use ( http://www.southendzone.com/ical/nfl.ics ) is defined as such and anyone can see the events:

    Anyone can: See all event details
    You can: See all event details

    I don’t know if it is because the URL I am using redirects to some (unknown) internal URL to obtain the .ics file. Maybe I need to use a different URL?

    Do you think this is an issue with the iCal definition or my URL and do you have any advice?


    • I added some code to explicitly state that the calendar is an ics file type, which should hopefully solve this problem for you.
      Please let me know if it’s working now.

      • Hmmm…thanks for trying so quickly, but it looks like it didn’t work for me. I also tried removing my Google Calendar Widget and also Unsubscribing from the calendar (from Google Calendar -> Other Calendars -> Settings -> Unsubsribe) and then re-adding the URL ( http://collegefootballcalendar.net/cal/poll/1 ), but it still shows up as “Anyone can: See nothing” and the Calendar widget does not show the events.

        NOTE: I also tried with and without the following checkbox enabled:
        Google Calendar -> Other Calendars -> Add by URL -> Make the calendar publicly accessible?

        Thanks for your help! 🙂

          • Yes. If I subscribe to the calendar (by invoking webcal://collegefootballcalendar.net/cal/poll/1 from Safari on my iPad), the events show up in the Calendar app.

            Also, please be aware that the events also show up in my Google Calendar (and on my Google Site using the Google Calendar widget) *if* I am logged into my Google account. However, as soon as I logout of my Google account (or if anyone else tries to access it), the events are not shown and a permissions message is displayed.

            If you want to see the Google Sites implementation with the message, you can go to:

            (replace the text above as such to construct the link:
            ‘=’ with ‘:’
            ‘!’ with ‘.’
            ‘*’ with ‘/’)

  2. Well … Would you be surprised if I said that the link you provided looks perfectly fine to me when I view it?
    I tried in Firefox, Chrome, and Chrome Incognito and the AP Top 25 games appear perfectly fine.

    • Yes, I am (pleasantly) surprised. I just checked the Google Calendar -> Other Calendars -> NCAA AP Top 25 -> Settings and it now shows the permissions as:

      Anyone can: See all event details
      You can: See all event details

      (which is different than before)

      I wonder if there was some cache thing with regard to the code change you referred to in your first reply.

      If you did nothing, I would say “Thanks for nothing”, but that would sound ungrateful and I am anything but ungrateful at this moment for your help with this issue.

      Also, thank you so much for providing this calendar. It is great and I think the folks in our little league are going to like having quick access to the upcoming schedules.

      Thanks again!

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