2013 – 2014 College Bowl Schedule for iCal / Outlook

iCalBetween December 17th, 2013 and January 7th, 2014 there are 35 bowl games. That’s way too many to try to manage in your day planner on your own.

You want to have all those games in your personal calendar, don’t you? That way you can easily find them on your iPhone or Android phone or whatever PDA you’re using (or your laptop).

You can now subscribe to the entire 2013 – 2014 College Football Bowl Schedule in iCal, Google Calendar, or Outlook.

We’ll keep the calendar updated with the teams, dates and times, television networks, and results as they are finalized.

(Set your calendar to refresh every day for updates.)

11 thoughts on “2013 – 2014 College Bowl Schedule for iCal / Outlook

  1. Very cool, and exactly what I was looking for (instead of Google’s “Sports” category, which only lists calendars by team). Thank you for doing this!

  2. Thanks for doing this. Very helpful. Would, however, rather not have scores. Accidentally saw scores for one game I had planned to watch on tivo/dvr delay.

    • Thank-you so much.
      Was really helpful in keeping track.
      Put me on email list for next year.

      Thanks again,
      William Thompson

      PS I liked the scores on day after

      • One idea for the posting the score issue would be to put the score in the comments section of the entry for the calendar. Then one wouldn’t see the score unless one clicked on the entry.

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